Tuesday, June 17, 2014

I'm The Champion.

I"M BACK!!!!!. it been a long time I never post in this blog.. sorry.. hahaha.. 
lately i'm quite busy and xde mood nk tulis blog.

okay.. Finally, I've done my study actually last year... hahaha.. no updates regarding my convocation. Okay, lets take a look on my convocation day first, then i will share with you about my new life now.. hahaha..
lets picture talk. heheh..

With queen for the heart, my mum. Thanks for all your pray, your advise and sacrifice that you've done to me.
without you, i never be here and never achieve all i have now.

that's me... receive the Degree scroll.. yehaaa...

with my soul mate? oopsss!!! i'll hope so.
if there have Jodoh with her. In shaa Allah. 
i will pray for it. :)

with my best buddy, thanks buddy for everything, susah senang kau ada dgn aku.
thanks utk semua nasihat, kata2 semangat yg kau berikan.. alhamdullillah Allah kurniakan kawan 
macam kau

with the gang!!! yeayyyy... 

hahah... okay, dah dgr update pasal my convocation or known as Hari Jubah... 

now, jeng jeng jeng. *tak payah nk suspen sgt la faris afiq, kau bukan sesiapa. hahaha.. *

My new life after finish my campus life...

First, now i'm in Johor Bahru now or know as JB *semua org tahu kot* hahah..

what i do in JB???

The story begin, 
i'll has been here since December last year. actually i working here in Pelabuhan Tanjung Pelepas (PTP). Gempak kan company ni, its quite gempak gaks la.. GLC company and i working here since 1st January 2014 (new year tu). hahaha... its been half a year i've been working here. many working and life experience i got from here with a new friends (8 Engineering Bachelors)*hahahaha*. pada awalnya, its quite tough to absorb all the new things and sesuaikn diri dgn environment kat sini.. but alhamdulillah, mujur ada best buddies yg selalu tolong kn *walaupun selalu misunderstanding kan* itu lah hidup, bak kata org. bila gaduh kita lagi kenal kawan2 kita. so apa lagi. gaduh la byk2.. hahaha.. pengalaman dari sini byk mematangkan aku, alhamdulillah, aku dh mampu nk tolong ibu walaupun tak banyak. dah sampai masa aku menggalas semua tanggungjawab aku selepas ayah pergi 10 tahun lepas. i'll hope i can be like you ayah. The style and caliber leader in family to guide all my family members. In shaa Allah.

last word. I"M THE CHAMPION. nothing can't stop me to achieve my dream. I will push myself to the limit.. I'll need to become stronger than before, ignore what people said and just move forward..... nothing can't help unless yourself. 

lets the picture talks *again?* poyo kot. haha

that's my safety helmet... hehehe...

this is me.. wearing PTP uniform

the best buddies. yeahhhh... 

that's all... I will post for any updates.. see ya..
Assalamualaikum, kalau tak jawab dosa, kalau jawab dapat pahala la.. hikhik..

Faris Afiq

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